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  3. Tuesday, 29 October 2019
why didn't most of our relationship last?
I have been single for a while now(I'm too young to say that but) i wondered if there was something wrong with how i approach relationships or people and why it didn't work out. then i started seeing the same thing in friends and i guess this is why most of my relationships didn't work. and I'm hoping there are people who can relate.
1 you are picky
there is nothing wrong with being picky since you are planning on being with that person for long time. but sometimes we become too nit picky that we miss our chance to be with someone great. people change(not much) but criticizing them before knowing them that much make them distant
2 you haven't been to many dates with the same person
we go on first dates we enjoy them but we go on many first dates and sometimes they are just a one time thing but if we are looking for relationships shouldn't we be spending more time with these people. sometimes its time we lack and we are really busy but if we want things to workout shouldn't we give them a chance?
3 you overthink
this one i suffer from really. i overthink everything. every conversation, every detail about that person from sense of humor to preference in food i overthink it and try to imagine if it will work with us in the long run which kills the vibe and also make me distant and ruin what was looking like a start of something great I'm sure you know what i mean
4 you have options
i didn't struggle with this much but when relations come they come in bundles and too many at times that sometimes its hard to choose and while we are in the middle we get lost, and in the end we leave empty handed.
5 you don't believe its gonna work
you go on dates you make conversation you enjoy it you open your heart for the possibilities but deep down you don't believe its going to work out. and you limit the time and energy you spent on them. if they are not gonna work out why bother right? I'm sure we all have that in mind
6 you don't love yourself
ever wondered maybe that's the reason. i have been dealing with insecurities for a while that i know this has affected my relationships. "we accept the love we think we deserve" its a famous quote from the book 'the perks of being a wallflower'. i didn't think i was funny enough or pretty enough or anything enough to stay with someone and i distant myself from the probability that they will find out and leave. so i don't give them the chance

well i think these are some of the reasons why relationships don't work out
i would love to hear what you think about them ;);)and comments how we can improve it
thank you
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