1. Zion Alemu
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  3. Friday, 27 November 2015
Hi friends. I am a pre enjineering student. I am wondering which enjineering filed would be better choice for me. Would you please give me some advise to where should I focus please. Thanks,
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Hi Zion. You raised an intresting question. Our first major decision, when setting off on our college career, will be what courses we intend to study. Choosing a major is not an easy decision, and takes careful consideration. The field of study we choose now will most likely be the gateway to our professional future. I suggest you, Zion, to consider your interests, look at your options, and weigh everything against your future career goals. Then choosing your field of study will be so easy. But I want to stress on two don’ts 1. Do not leave it for your parents to decide your course of studies. 2. Do not choose your major lightly or randomly. Good luck!
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