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  3. Wednesday, 17 May 2017
As the menace of HIV/AIDs and other STDs continue to wreck the world, health care providers are struggling with highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART )and other medication to provide durable control, and delay of virus replication. Most students at the university practice behaviors that make them victims of these deadly diseases. The saying “prevention is better than cure” should always be paramount but nobody seems interested in it.
Since STDs are spreading at an alarming rate, There are various measures to fight it.The first one is to eradicate the diseases and the most important is to avoid risky behaviors that expose university students who have high chances of mingling with each other to infections. Unfortunately, we are in the world where ladies fear pregnancy more than HIV

Some of the risky behaviors that trap and lure students into getting STDs include:
Engagement in heterosexual intercourse without the use of condoms. Currently majority of partners don’t wear Condoms during sex for reasons known to them.one friend of mine told me that “skin to skin” is more pleasurable and more convenient. Ladies say it kills the “mood” however, AIDs is spreading like a wild fire. For instance, every single hour, two young women get infected with HIV in Uganda, making it a total of 48 girls a day, which puts the prevalence of HIV among adolescent girls at 9.1% compared to the national prevalence of 7.3%”. This is much more confusing to understand but it’s a truth based on research by USAID.

Drug abuse. Students who are drug addicts of alcohol or other narcotic substance are at higher risk especially when they are driven under the influence of these drugs that alters their mental ability and consciousness. For instance, a girl who is too intoxicated can have her cookie chewed easily or falls as a victim of rape during weekend parties.Boys may take substances than increases sexual desire which may compel them to have force sex.

“Multiple partners “at a go. Today john may sleep with Mary tomorrow he is with Helen. Now these girls may also spread their wings to their alternative boyfriends. We call such people “midfielder” because they are mirror images of what exactly real football looks like. A midfielder distribute ball to every player in the field.

Cultural and religious ideologies are holding people hostage.it sounds weird to some people when they think of wearing condom. Many young people rely on their cultural and beliefs No need of wearing “protective socks” (condoms).

I believed that there are multiple ways that young people fall prey to these deadly diseases but a warning to students is that a “ear that doesn’t listen to advice accompany the head when it’s chopped off” for this case, following ABC safety principles is highly recommended.
AIDs is real, not just imagination and young peoples are the most victimized groups .Just like masturbation, the success to eradicate these diseases lie in our hands. Stands up and let’s fight these diseases shoulder to shoulder.
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